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Premium web hosting designed specifically for businesses like yours… because you don’t have time to deal with website downtime, email problems, getting hacked, or crappy tech support.

Our clients are smart—so it’s no wonder 4 out of 5 choose to host with us instead of gambling their business’s online success on less reliable, discount hosting options like Godaddy, HostMonster, or HostGator—all in the hopes of saving a few hundred dollars a year.

You receive tremendous value with our Colorado web hosting services through:

  • exceptional security,
  • friendly, white glove concierge support,
  • faster website load times,
  • simple to use control panel,
  • minimal to no downtime, and
  • flexible email options.

“What an amazing value! I couldn’t ask for more…”

Honestly, the obstacle that delayed me in considering WeeBros for my (and my clients’) website hosting was that I was concerned the fees would be too big a premium to pay. But when I learned that the monthly web hosting fees were only a slight bit more than the plans I’ve used in the past AND after I transferred my web and email hosting to WeeBros and saw a marked increase in speed, I had no reservations.

What I’ve liked most is the increased speed of my website and my email transmissions. Both are functioning much more quickly than they had in the past. I also like the simple control panel interface. Everything I need is right there, and nothing more.

I will recommend this solution to others at every opportunity. I’ve worked with several hosting companies since 2002, and this one by far has been the easiest to work with. Painless, in fact.

What an amazing value! I couldn’t ask for more…

Marcel Daniel Tuor

A personal hosting concierge service

Host with us and you gain access to our hosting concierge service. iPhone not sending emails like it used to? Suddenly getting more spam than normal? Send our tech concierge an email and you’ll be taken care of quickly and with a big, friendly smile.

Sleep like a baby

We offer premium web hosting Colorado plans powered by one of the most respected names in hosting: Bluehost. Rackspace is trusted by countless Fortune 500 companies, universities, and online businesses across the country. View terms and conditions here.


Web hosting rates vary widely, with the majority of our clients’ sites running between $25 – $40 per month. The rate for your web hosting plan will be based on your site’s size and needs.

And of course, email and unbeatable customer service are always included.

A huge bonus you won't find anywhere else...

All clients who host their websites with us (and only clients who host their sites with us) can opt-in to a quarterly Preventative Care Package for a small additional investment. Invest in a Care Package and our website experts will prevent broken functionality in your site, ensure you don’t get hacked, and keep your site visitors happy by caring for, upgrading, and maintaining your site’s health each quarter.

“My website hosting and email challenges have vanished!

I was completely frustrated with my old website hosting company and their unruly email service. When you’re on your way to running a million dollar business, you don’t have time for lazy web hosting or unreliable email.

WeeBros worked tirelessly to transfer my website and email away from the previous hosting company. They removed the bugs, fixed my site and all while providing amazing customer service. Their expert team have communication skills beyond compare.

I know my case was extremely challenging for many reasons, but they made me feel like my project was their #1 priority. I don’t know if they have a magic wand, but my hosting and email challenges vanished when they got a hold of them!

I’ll host all my future websites with them as well as my clients’ websites—and you should too.

Rohn, CEO BRGreece

The work you’ve done on our University website has over DOUBLED the monthly recolonization the website used to does before we brought you in to help our company.

Vice Chancellor


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