Our Team

Tareque Yousuf, Founder + Lead Consultant

Tareque’s work and words have appeared in magazines, industry websites, webinars, and books, and he’s spoken on strategic websites at state and national conferences. He’s Kolbe certified and has a B.Sc in Computer Engineering, MA in Digital Media, and 8+ years of experience in the web design, development, art + science of building effective sites.
Loves: snowboarding, mountain biking, and riddles
Favorite cake flavor: Vegan peanut butter + chocolate cheesecake…but without sugar. It’s true.

Nataly Robinson, Operations + Team Glue

Nataly has worked for over a decade with companies to create innovative ideas, products, and business solutions. She has an A.S. in Graphic Design and BA in Advertising/Public Relations along with being a certified life coach, allowing her to become a multifaceted communications professional with a thorough understanding of how all parts of an organization operate.
Loves: daughter, ridiculous jokes, reading
Favorite cake flavor: German chocolate

Oprah Phillips, Front End Developer

Oprah builds spectacular websites. She writes amazing code and has yet to encounter an HTML/CSS problem she couldn’t solve. She’ll be answering your tech questions and ensuring your site runs smoothly. (And if ever you need to know anything about WordPress, Oprah is your go-to guy.)
Loves: racing mountain bikes + cyclocross
Favorite cake flavor: something with a bit of liqueur in it

Anton Martin, Designer

Anton has been creating websites (and happy clients) since 2001 and is passionate about good design. His brain automatically searches out simple, beautiful and efficient solutions to any problems it encounters. He loves responsive design and consistent, clean style.
Loves: Tiny houses, farmers’ markets, his shiba inu, hiking
Favorite cake flavor: flourless chocolate

Amber Lee, Programmer

Lee has been developing websites for over 12 years, working on everything from local business sites to the sites of Fortune 500 companies. She works with NodeJS, PHP, AWS, and Backbone, and is passionate about using cutting edge web technologies to build better business websites.
Loves: photography, woodworking, and NodeJS
Favorite cake flavor: pistachio


Hi! Tareque here (Weebros’s founder). Let’s talk.


A strategy session isn’t a sales call. This is a conversation between you and me. You’ll have questions for me, I’ll have questions for you, and by the end of the call you’ll have new insights into your project as well as clear options for next steps.

Some companies even walk away realizing they don’t actually need what they thought they needed, or that they can reach their goals with smaller budgets than they’ve set aside.

I’ll also let you know if you’d be a good fit for us. If so, I’ll share what working with us would look like. If not, I’ll point you to a more appropriate resource.

So let’s talk. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
– Tareque


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