Positioning Strategy

When customers can’t tell you apart from the competition, what do they do?  They fall back to what they know.

This means they make a purchasing decision based on variables like location, recommendations, or (more commonly) cheapest price.

Our clients don’t want to compete on price. They want their websites to clearly position them as significantly better options than their competitors.

Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  1. You’ve got a great story to tell. Problem is: you don’t know how to tell it.
    You want your website to differentiate your business and generate interest in your company. It’s critical to figure out how to convey your uniqueness in a compelling way.
  2. You know you’re better than the competition, but aren’t clear on what makes you special.
    You also know that if you can’t communicate why your business is special, you’ll likely waste time and money on generic website content and weak marketing efforts.
  3. Your website content just isn’t packing a punch.
    Your company sounds like everybody else, and your customers don’t understand why you’re special. As a result, you’re losing out on valuable online leads and sales.

Sound familiar?

There is a solution: a Positioning Strategy

To take the stress and frustration out of communicating your business’s uniqueness, we offer a strategic service that eliminates the problem situations listed above.

Known as “Positioning Strategy,” this service tends to be a great fit for companies that:

  • are looking to create a solid foundation for future website and marketing investments.
  • are tired of spinning their wheels over how they should talk about their business.
  • just aren’t getting the results they want from their website content or marketing efforts.
  • want to get it right from the start and make a big impact quickly.

A bonus benefit of the Positioning Strategy process

Clients who invest in a Positioning Strategy typically experience a tremendous amount of relief created from the clarity and next steps that unfold before them during the process.

When website content under-performs…

….or worse, completely fails to drive results, it doesn’t necessarily mean it was poorly written. More often than not it means you weren’t crystal clear on how to position your business in the most compelling way. A Positioning Strategy solves this problem.

  Quick summary
The Process A highly collaborative, thought-provoking and interactive process—typically a series of calls or meetings between you and one of our positioning experts.

(If you’re too busy to collaborate, this service won’t be a good fit for you.)

Key Deliverable You’ll receive a highly practical, well-organized Positioning Strategy document that will:

A) help you make informed, smart decisions about your website,
B) give you the clarity on your brand you’ve been looking for, and
C) provide expert guidance on how to communicate your uniqueness to your target audiences in compelling ways.

Deliverable Details… Depending on your specific needs, your Positioning Strategy document may include…

  • Your “Unique Value Proposition (UVP).” This is the most relevant, differentiating benefit you deliver, and what will set your business apart.
  • Positioning statements you can use right away. Short and long versions you can use immediately in your website.
  • The scoop you always wish you had. (Think big picture and valuable insights you couldn’t see before.) We’ll share expert, objective, clear insights from conversations we hold with you (and potentially your staff and customers).
  • Competitive Analysis. You’ll learn the valuable lessons we discover from a thorough analysis of your top competitors’ websites.
  • Customer Profiles. Together we’ll create clarity on who your ideal customers are—along with clarity about what’s most important to them.
  • The very best message points for achieving your business goals. We’ll spell these out for you for each of your unique target audiences and individual products.
  • Brand voice & personality details. Exactly what you need to keep your brand’s “voice” consistent and compelling across your website and all your marketing communications.
  • Writing and style guidance for your wordsmiths. Whether you’re taking advantage of our expert web copywriting services or you’re handling your website writing in-house, this guidance provides easy-to-follow tips for more effective writing that reflects your brand.
Time Frame 3 – 8 weeks
Investment On average: $10,000 – $20,000.  Please note the investment may be more if you have a large number of stakeholders and decision makers involved.

But wait, there's more!

It just keeps getting better.

This is where we share with you that your Positioning Strategy actually serves double dutyfor you. Think two for the price of one.

Why? The messages you gain are so powerful and flexible you can use them in more than just your website content. You can (and should) use them in all your other marketing and sales collateral too, from direct mail, to print brochures and e-newsletters, to conversations with prospective customers!

Fed up with target customers assuming you’re the same as your competition? Ready to change how your target customers see your business?

This strategy work isn’t for everyone, so let’s explore together whether a positioning strategy would solve your marketing headaches and challenges—or if another option might be a better fit for your company. Fill out our online form.


Over the years we’ve greatly appreciated WeeBros’s keen insights on strategy and advice on business in general. Not only are they smart and intuitive, but they really care about the health of your business and you as a person.

If you’re a business owner looking to run your website and your business better, WeeBros will prove to be excellent consultants and strategists. Highly recommended.

Rohn, CEO BRGreece


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