Audits & Action Plans

You know something isn’t quite right with your website, but you aren’t exactly sure what. Our audits pinpoint the biggest challenges holding back your website. Our action plans lay out clear paths for overcoming those challenges.

You’ll know exactly how to move forward. And that feels amazing.

What to expect

First, we explore your big picture goals and determine what to hone in on and where to focus.

Depending on your specific needs and goals, we may decide together to evaluate one or more of the following:

  • Overall website. We’ll look at everything from your design and content, to how usable your website is on a variety of devices, to how your content impacts visitors.
  • User experience. Quite simply, do your website visitors know what to do on your website? We use advanced tools, such as eye tracking heat maps, to turn guessing into knowing.
  • Website content. Are you offering the right content in the right places? Are your website’s messages actually compelling to your target audiences? Where is your content holding your business back?
  • Search engine rankings. We’ll do a deep dive to determine what’s keeping your website from ranking better in the search engines.
  • Social media. What’s working in your current social media? What isn’t? And where should you be focusing your energy to get the best return for your goals?

Next, we dive into analysis. We do a comprehensive audit to identify your lowest hanging fruit and the most significant weaknesses standing between you and a higher level of success.

Finally, we create a focused action plan that first targets your biggest opportunities, then lays out a clear path covering what comes next. You can expect your action plan to be simple, straightforward and to the point. No sugarcoating. And you’ll  receive a presentation summarizing the key findings.

What happens next?

You decide what to do with the results. Each client is different. You may choose to run with the recommendations yourself, have your internal web team take care of them, or explore working with us to implement fixes and solutions for you.


Over the years we’ve greatly appreciated WeeBros’s keen insights on strategy and advice on business in general. Not only are they smart and intuitive, but they really care about the health of your business and you as a person.

If you’re a business owner looking to run your website and your business better, WeeBros will prove to be excellent consultants and strategists. Highly recommended.

Rohn, CEO BRGreece


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