Website Blueprint

Whether you want to capture more leads, reach new audiences, build your credibility, or complete more sales, your website should actively help you achieve your specific business goals. Otherwise, why make the investment?

To help organizations build more effective websites that achieve specific goals, we may recommend the creation of a Website Blueprint as a strategic first step.

What is a Website Blueprint?

A Website Blueprint is a strategic master plan that serves as the foundation for your website project by mapping out all the details of how your site will function. We use interviews, analyses, and our extensive expertise to create this highly detailed plan just for your business.

The companies that invest in our Website Blueprint benefit tremendously from the high level of insight we provide throughout our interview and analysis processes.

Is a Website Blueprint right for your company? Let’s find out

What do you get when you invest in a Website Blueprint?

No two Website Blueprints are the same. Your Blueprint is 100% customized based on your company’s goals and budget.

Your Blueprint may include… So you can…
An exploration of your current online marketing and website situations Track and measure results + show the impact of your website on your business
A high-level assessment of your website audiences and their stages in the “marketing funnel Create targeted content that’s designed to drive specific behaviors
Visual design requirements and a mood board, outlining your design expectations Create an intentional user experience that differentiates your business, improves the user experience, and aligns with your brand
A prioritized list of specific features and functionality Prioritize and better manage your budget and project scope
A list of landing pages focused on persuading visitors to take specific actions Increase conversions and achieve your marketing objectives
Technology recommendations based on our experience building state-of-the-art websites Prepare for the future and prevent the unintentional use of obsolete technology that reduces the lifespan of your site
A detailed sitemap of your website Feel clear about your new site’s scope and be more strategic in your content creation
“Call to action” analysis and recommendations Persuade your prospects to take the specific actions you want them to take

6 ways your Website Blueprint reduces your risk and gives you an edge

With a Website Blueprint…

  1. You eliminate guesswork and can explore without limits. We’ll offer ideas you may not have considered when thinking about how to achieve your goals. We may share alternative approaches that differ from what you initially thought you needed, which can often save you time and money. You’ll feel 100% confident you’re taking the right steps to achieve better results for your business.
  2. You get a customized, accurate project scope and prevent big headaches down the road. By investing upfront in a strategic master plan for your website, you dramatically reduce the risk of delays, scope changes, problematic assumptions and unexpected scope creep—headaches commonly experienced during website projects that aren’t clearly defined upfront.
  3. You improve buy-in among your team. Your company’s key stakeholders participate in the collaboration process. Everyone’s input is considered upfront, reducing buy-in hurdles later.
  4. You can break your project into manageable pieces. A Website Blueprint allows you to plan out your website in phases, allowing you to efficiently manage your budget and workload.
  5. You get to “try out” your web firm. You get to verify that your company and Followbright work well together before committing to the full development of your site, eliminating buyer’s remorse.
  6. You get a written plan based on expert research and recommendations. In addition to receiving strategic counsel, you get a written plan for ongoing reference and guidance.

How long does it take to create a Website Blueprint?

Depending on the size of your site and how quickly you make decisions, it typically takes somewhere between 4 to 8 weeks to prepare your plan.

And yet, our clients have found that investing in a Website Blueprint streamlines their overall project, saving them time and money in the long run.

How a Blueprint differs from a traditional proposal

Are you deciding between creating a Website Blueprint and collecting proposals for a new website?

Here are a few reasons why creating a Blueprint is the smarter approach.

The process… Website Blueprint Process Traditional Proposal Process
is highly collaborative yes no
is strategically centered on achieving your marketing goals yes no
allows for new ideas and exploration you may have never thought of or considered yes no
eliminates guesswork about the best approach to take yes no
has the potential to save you significant time and money during the course of your project yes no
improves buy-in from your team yes no
leads to a written plan that is 100% customized to your business yes no

What's the investment?

The price of your Website Blueprint will depend on the scope of your project. On average, Blueprints fall somewhere within the $5,000 – $20,000 range.

Your role during the Blueprint creation process

The creation of a Website Blueprint is a highly collaborative and time-intensive process. If you don’t wish to be actively involved in strategic planning or if you’re simply too busy, you probably aren’t the best fit for a Blueprint.

When you commit to a Website Blueprint, you can expect to invest time in:

  • Discovery. You and key members of your team will participate in a series of “discovery and exploration” conversations. We’ll ask you questions and collect your feedback on ideas.
  • Homework. We may ask you to complete homework and/or to provide background information, such as metrics from your existing website (if you have them). We want to build upon what’s working for you now… and identify key opportunities for improvement.
  • Collaboration and planning. When your Website Blueprint is ready, we’ll share our research and recommendations with you, answer your questions, make small revisions as necessary, and help you plan for the next steps.


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